This agreement is a legal document between the buyer and seller. The buyer agrees that he/she has read and understands this agreement and no other guarantees or warranties have been made either expressed or implied by the Breeder/Seller. There are no binding amendments unless in writing..

EXAM and Fecal test WITHIN 3 DAYS AFTER BUYER TAKES POSSESSION Buyers responsibility to have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 3 days of taking possession of this puppy. The exam is to INCLUDE FECES TEST called a fecal float test of puppies stool. If the exam is not done then the health warranty becomes void.

If you do not agree with our remedies herein and if you do not agree to non refundable deposits or payments then do not purchase from us. Sending a payment to us means you agree the terms and remedies offered

Limited one year of age warranty for  genetic defect. Should the puppy be diagnose within the first twelve months of life with a proven GENETIC disorder which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the life, we will provide the buyer with these remedies :

1. the Buyer chooses to give up the puppy to Us, the cost of the puppy will be given as a credit toward a replacement puppy. Shipping is at owner's expense.
2. Should the Buyer  choose to retain the genetically defected  dog, to provide  medical care, and seeks a resolution, our remedy consists of a limited amount of  credit toward another puppy from us. Our formula would be the fees you incur within the one year warranty period for NON elective medical treatments, as a  credit up to %50  the cost of your dog,while you keep your dog too. We do not offer cash refunds but rather cash is substituted with credits toward another puppy from us.

In the unlikely event of this puppy’s death in the one year warranty , a necropsy from a state veterinary lab must confirm a GENETIC cause before the Seller will take any action.  Necropsy is preformed at buyer’s expense.  In addition, a photo of the deceased puppy must be sent with the necropsy report for I.D. verification. If genetic defect is found to be the direct cause of death our remedy is a credit of the original cost of the dog toward a replacement puppy. Shipping to be paid by Buyer.

PURCHASER/SELLER AGREEMENTS. state laws allows contract agreements between buyer and seller as long as reasonable options of remedies exist, should a health issue arise. You must decide if our remedies presented here are agreeable to you. If you do not agree to our terms of remedies, then you must NOT send a deposit or payment to purchase a puppy from us.if you do send a payment then you are agreeing to our remedies within our contract terms. See "Agreement and Remedies above.

NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS We have a No Refund Policy. Payments and deposits are non refundable regardless of type made, wires, money orders, direct cash payments etc... Deposits and payments are not refundable if the buyer backs out of the purchase or does not continue with purchase for any reason, including but not limited to  buyer changing mind, failure to pickup puppy, or refusal of delivery, death or emergency in family, landlord issues and so on, failing to pay in full, missed payments. No exceptions.  Deposits and payments are forfeited if the Seller does not offer a cooling off period.Once a release date has been given via text, email or by contract and we do not hear from you for a period of 7 consecutive days past that  date, you are forfeiting ownership of the puppy to us and all funds received to date. Puppy will be placed back for sale. Also failure to make a payment  will give you a 3 day grace period and once  that 3 day grace period ends without payment buyer will forfeitmoney paid and the puppy.

If reserved  puppy dies, or becomes unsalable while in sellers care, the buyer agrees to transfer payments over toward another puppy from the seller, when a puppy is available. Buyer agrees not to request a refund of deposit or payments.  Proof of death will be provided to the Buyer  in photos or by Veterinarian.

EXPENSES- Purchaser agrees not to hold the Breeder responsible for veterinarian fees or medical expenses incurred for any illnesses that occur after the buyer takes possession

PARVO WARRANTY - Many dog  breeders ( go read contracts ) do not offer a Parvo warranty. We DO
offer 14 day Parvo warranty from date you take possession IF you follow these guidelines
1. Buyer notifies  breeder within a few hours of puppy showing illness signs
2.Puppy was seen by Buyer's Vet for our 3 day Vet exam and fecal test done
3.Within a few hours of illness signs The Vet sent the slide glass fecal test to a laboratory to rule out Giardia, Campylobactor , Ecoli, and Salmonella and crypto
Parvo is big business for Veterinarians averaging a few thousand dollars per treatment & they freely diagnose vomiting and diarrhea as "Parvo".We do NOT accept a poop test fecal snap" as diagnosis because a puppy recently vaccinated with a Parvo vaccine will test positive. The fecal snap is another way dishonest veterinarians deceive the consumer.We have never had a puppy sold develop Parvo due to our excellent Neopar vaccine protocol and not releasing until at least 12 to 16 weeks. Our remedy is repelacement.

We reserve the right to ship when we feel your puppy/dog is ready, at our discretion.  Shipping days and times is at the breeder convenience. Flights are limited and the buyer MUST cooperate with the Seller regarding flight arrival times OR buyer must arrange pick up the puppy themselves. If your puppy has to be rescheduled for flight because of buyer refusal for a flight set then a charge of $125 for a return trip will be due. It is imperative that you make sure we have ALL contact information current. Shipping is only a delivery option to take possession of your puppy. There are other delivery options buyer may take upon themselves such as  sending their own courier, or hiring someone to drive to pick up including pet transport companies.
Purchasers should be willing to make other arrangements if the shipping falls through for any reason, including state of emergency, airlines strikes. Refunds are not given for failed flights but Buyers should always have a back up plan to take possession of puppy.

SHIPPING SIGHT UNSEEN-New, laws govern the shipping of puppies sight unseen. Not everyone can fly or travel to us to have a face to face meeting  so the Ultimate Owner of the puppy ( YOU THE BUYER ) can give permission to a person to act as your eyes  and to look over the puppy for you. ( your I didn’t leave home to I was 26 so what are you guys OK just wondering how you guys do that so puppy will still jabe Veterinarian exam)  If you have a friend or relative near us that can be your agent let us know,or we can help you in this area, so ask us. I have more information on this on my page titled "Aphis".
YOUR  STATEMENT: " I allow Maureen Davis ( OR of person you prefer ) to view my My puppy as my agent  for a face to face meeting , and thereafter I give permission for the puppy to be taken to the airport by the Seller Debra Lyn.

IF DIARRHEA EXISTS THEN NO VACCINES. A puppy with loose stool should never receive a Parvo vaccine  death may occur from a vaccine containing live Parvo virus if intestinal lining is damaged. Parvo Immunity is activated in the intestinal lining with the vaccine and If the vaccine finds damaged intestinal walls with inflammation, then  the LIVE  parvo cells can mutate and cause a vaccine induced Parvo.

DONT CHANGE DIET Until over 6 months. Sudden Changing Can cause illness. Once the buyer causes diarrhea by giving a young puppy foods not accustomed to , then your puppy can become very ill. Diarrhea Is dangerous. No canned food of any kind, nor dried organ meats ( full of  Bacteria) nor raw hides, nor any kind of doggie snacks or jerkies until over six months of age

ONLINE DEFAMATION Defamatory posts are written by dog scammers or Competitors. Such people do not give their names, hiding behind anonymity, masquerading as upset buyers on a complaint forum run by an x felon, who allows owns a complaint removal website, charging thousands of dollars to remove lies  that should never have been allowed in the first place. The posts were placed with malicious intent to deceive the public (you) to not purchase from us. These  people win every time their lies work to scare a customer away. Lack of laws allowing character assassination of innocent people. Forum owners should be held liable for unvalidated malicious damaging material posted. We do not refund deposits nor payments if you find online defamation.

RABIES  Please hold off rabies until  the puppyshots are finished. Veterinarians have the right  to postpone past the states 3 or 4months old of age requirement. Rabies MUST BE GIVEN ALONE NOT WITH ANY OTHER VACCINES! There are Vets that will give your frgaile puppy a 7 way vaccine and Parvo same time

NO VACCINES THE FIRST TWO WEEKS  AFTER YOUR PUPPY ARRIVES. The reccomended VACCINES  are  4 ways with Distemper, Parvo, Adeno2 Hepatitis Parainfluenza.
If your  Vet insists on Lepto or Bortdella PLEASE wait until over 6 months old. Some vaccines are not recommended by AVMA such as Lepto, Giardia, Bortdella and Corona

REGISTRATION- Puppies are sold as pets with limited akc or ckc. Seller is not responsible for actions of dog registries. Papers will be completed and ready for you when your puppy is picked up or at time of shipment, but once in a rare while it may take 30 to 60 days to mail the registration to you once puppy is in your custody. Breeder reserves the right to choose which Registry and  can't be changed after purchase.

NUVET SUPPLEMENT REQUIRED OR WARRANTY EXPIRES 14 DAYS AFTER PUPPY LEAVES BREEDERS CARE : GIVE 1/4 dosage until 6months then half dosage until one year and by one year the adults LOVE the wafers! Puppies organs , bones, joints, and brain grow rapidly the first year and this supplement ensures you are doing the best to ensure health of the puppy. We back the health with a one year warranty  as long as you provide the Nuvet supplement This dietary supplement is not found in stores.

BREEDER DOES NOT WARRANTY any non genetic illnesses. We do not warranty against moleras as they are  part of the Chihuahua breed standard.  We  do not warranty against cosmetic defects such as ear shape or size, color of coat, or quality of coat, tail length, or any cosmetic body part,nor  body size, nor weight. There is no partial refund if your puppy ends up not exactly what  you wanted although we may be  willing to provide credits toward a further puppy purchase.  We have older puppies available most times so anyone not willing to accept risk prediction error of final size or shape should only purchase a puppy 5 months of age or older. There is no perfect formula in predicting adult size. I do the best I can and no promises.

We have produced over 150 of puppies in the last twenty years with perfect knees. We can count on one hand pups sold that developed luxating patellas as adults. If over  6months of age the lux can be environmental from injury.Even udner 6 months injury , jumping wrong, falling can knock the knee of the hairline groove in knee.  We  do not warranty puppies sold against 1st  degree as this normally resolves as the muscles tightens during growth. Grade 2 in a young puppy can resolve as well.  If patella grade II or above is in a puppy 6 months or underand  two unaffiliated Vets conclude no possible injury and feel strongly it is genetic , you may return your puppy for another puppy. If you are attached to your puppy and do not wish to return to us for another puppy then your vet must present us findings to conclude not inury related. In such a case we can  give you up to 50 % the cost of your puppy in a credit toward another puppy, while you keep the original puppy too. Do not allow jumping up and down from furniture. Buy Stairs.

FORMS OF PAYMENT-  Payments we accept are BANK TO BANK WIRES, CASH IN HAND OR INTO MY BUSININESS ACCOUNT and POST OFFICE MONEY ORDERS and PAYPAL for 1/4 of total in final payment only. I NEVER use Paypal for Deposits. At pickup we accept cash ONLY.

DO YOU WANT TO GIVE MONEY AWAY?? Then DO NOT PLACE A CASHIER CHECK NOR A CHECK NOR A MONEY ORDER INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT.... I will NOT use such a payment toward a puppy purchase and I will NOT refund it either. You will have to reverse it yourself.

WE do not accept Cashier checks nor checks because scammers will deposit these payments and then say OOPS we sent a wrong payment and they will ask for cash brefund so they can make proper payment, while the chasier check is fake OR they are reversing the check and will end up with our refund PLUS the reversed payment. So if you place a CHECK, OR CASHIER CHECK  into our account we will NOT REFUND IT, NOR GIVE YOU CREDIT toward a puppy. You will LOSE this payment if you dont REVERSE IT YOURSELF.

No disagreement is ever expected, but if any disagreement arises, it will be settled by a court in San Joaquin County, State of California. 

Facsimile/Electronic Signature
The parties hereto agree that this Agreement may be executed by facsimile/electronic signatures and such signatures shall be deemed originals. Buyer in this contract will include married couples under one spouse signature.

This contract is valid for the original purchaser of the dog from Seller. If the dog is transferred to another owner then this contract is null and void. Any part of the agreement that becomes void, does not void any other parts of the agreement. Buyer agrees that upon sending a deposit for the purchase of a puppy the buyer will automatically bind themselves under these contract terms with the seller,without contract signature.