Please read our health warranty contract. Then give us a call OR text  We can  address questions  you have. Once you are comfortable with us and we with you, then you can ask for a 24  if you are ready to process a deposit.

Be aware that come Friday evening, if there isn't a deposit started on the puppy you are approved to purchase, I do not hold puppies over the week-end and everything starts fresh on Monday. If there are two people wanting the same puppy and both are approved on Friday, then the person who contacted me first will be the one who will be given first option on Monday IF said puppy is still available on Monday.

We do not hold puppies longer then 24 hours without deposits. Oncve the 24 hour period is up we can hold one more 24 hour period as long as no one else is waiting on the same puppy. We do not hold puppies over weekends, nor do we hold puppies while you wait for additional photos or movies We do not hold puppies longer then 24 hours,  so if you plan on waiting several days for us to find time to show you a puppy in person, it is possible that puppy may sell before your appt to view the puppy.

WHEN DO WE HOLD PUPPIES? With a deposit,  OR 24 hours  pending a deposit processing, and we may hold a second 24 hour period if no one else is waiting in line for the puppy.

HOW TO RESERVE ~~~~~~We require a minimum of 50 % down to reserve a puppy of any age. Deposits are non refundable. Once you ask for a 24 hour hold on a puppy a deposit should be processing within that 24 hours or hold will be removed. You may ask for another 24 hour hold but we may not be able to do so if someone else was waiting on the puppy. You can speed up the process by reading out contract before contacting, and letting us know you read it, by having any questions adressed and answered.

BALANCE PAYMENT ~~~~ Half of the remaining balance is due by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old or if the puppy is already over 7 weeks old then 1/2 of the remaining balance is due within 1 week afer the deposit was made. The final balance is due the following week. For those who pick up puppies, 75 percent of the puppy payment must be paid before pick up and 25 percent can be paid at pick up time.


(1.) Bank  to Bank Wires.  Surepay if you select immediate payment. If Surepay does not give you the option of immediate payment then youmust di a regualr bank to bank wire

(2.)  Postal Money Order Mailed Express Next Day

(3.) Western Union wire  directly to our Bank

(6.) Cash or POSTAL MO  Deposited Into a Branch Of Our Bank Near You