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Sat, Jan 3, 2015 6:46 pm
Hi, Things are going really well! We absolutely love her. She is so super happy, very playful, and is extremely friendly. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Thank you so much! We'll keep in contact with you.- Rick

Mon, Jan 5, 2015 10:34 am
Hi We are in LOVE!!!!!! He is the sweetest thank you so much. I ordered my nuvet this morning. He slept great and is very playful, he is eating well also.

Subject: Re: Loving my baby boy On May 3, 2015, at 2:24 PM, Buribe <> wrote:  I just wanted to say we are so happy with our baby boy. We have named him "Spanky"....He is our pampered baby boy.  Darlah, our female chihuahua loves him as well!  Spanky has adjusted to our home and fits in perfectly.  We are also very happy he is knows to use the potty pads when he came to us.  I will definitely use you as our future breeder when we or anyone else is needing one. Thanks for a beautifully raised, adorable, Sincerely Bobbi

Date: June 2, 2016 at 4:52:32 PM PDT
I purchased a beautiful chiThe breeder was very informative on how to care for this tiny girl.   At first everyone feels nervous about purchasing from someone you never heard of however after having a 1 hour conversation I knew I was making the right decision  The tiny chi is now a whopping 2 lbs and almost 9 months old  debra said she was small but stated she may  reach 3 lbs  however no one can guarantee the size of a chi and this little girl is tiny.   When the little chi arrived I she was so excited to meet her. I had a bottle of goats milk ready for  her and some gerber turkey baby food.  I have had her now 5 months and so happy.  My chi is 100 percent trained.  When  missy arrived she was about 95 percent trained with an occasional accident  Debra did a superior job paper training  I just picked up where she left off.  In conclusion i absolutely would recommend your  pups to anyone who wants a beautiful tiny show type of pup bread from temperament as well as beauty.   If anyone has any reservations or concerns you can feel at ease with this breeder.   Cheryl Rosenthal Atlantic Beach Ny

Jan 30, 2016 at 7:53:14
Hi! Oh wow he is amazing! We love our new little boy. He is adorable and sooo funny. He is doing amazing! I have never met a more social puppy! He has quickly become a member of our family. He came with a great personality, fear of nothing and is already housebroken and crate trained?! Wow! You really gave us the best puppy! My vet said he is healthy and very tiny! Honestly I couldn't dream of having a more healthy, happy, and confident puppy. Thank you so much. He is a dream come true. A very happy repeat customer, Dawn
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We met Billie when she called for help. I guess due to the content of my website this person felt she could call me for help. The plane from Texas had just arrived with her puppy that was sold as a Teacup. Billie said the puppy was weak, had bloody diarrhea. I asked her why she didn't call the breeder she bought the puppy from and she replied that she HAD, but the breeder had advised her to put the puppy in a rabbit cage and give the medication that the breeder had sent on the airplane. I told Billie to rush to emergency hospital. To make a long story short, the puppy was just SKINNY from hookworm infestation and once medicated the sick puppy grew and grew and grew. She went from a 16 ounce 3 month old to a 5 lb 5 month old. That is FOUR LBS in 8 weeks. Stuart the puppy I sold Billie was a chubby 2 lbs 3 months old charting 4 lbs. Stuart just thinned out and was still 2 lbs at 1 year old. the photo above is of Stuart at  4month and the other puppy at 5 month
Just 30 days apart in age! Pup in red sold as TEACUP by another Breeder. Pup in Blue sold as TOY by us. Photo from Cutomer who bought pup in blue from us
Reference Name- ELVIS
XTiny Applehead dollface male. He charts 3 ish grown
Price $1800 ( if needed shipping is $325)
Status For Sale
Sex/Coat Male/ shorthair/Blk Tan
Birth Date 4/26/17
Ready mid August
Parents NITA 4 lbs  x DANNY 3 lbs

Reference Name- WOOKIE
XTiny sable  dollface applehead.He charts 3 ish
Price $1800 ( If needed Shipping is $325)
Status For Sale
Sex/Coat Male/ longhair, Tan sable
Birth Date 5/15/2017
Reference Name- DIVA
Tiny  cream dollface female applehead.
Status For Sale
Gender/Coat Female/ shorthair
Birth Date 5/25/2017
Release End August/September
Parents   SherbertDan /Bon
Reference Name PANDORA
X Teensy Dollface applehead female.
Price  $2500
Status For Sale
Gender/Coat feMale/ longhair
Birth Date 4/25/17
Ready August
Parents Madeson 4 lbs x Sunny 2.8 lbs
My prices  are lower then many online, because I do not take credit cards, so I offer a better price instead. Many who accept credit cards charge outrageous prices. 
Reference Name- HONEYBEA
Extra teensy Dollface applehead male
Price  $2000 ( shipping is $325)
Status For Sale
Gender/Coat Male/ longhair/fawn
Birth Date 4/25/17
Ready August
Parents Madeson 4 lbs x Sunny 2.8 lbs
Reference Name- Thumblina
Tiny applehead dollface. Lilac with chocolate nose .Eyes are hazel
Status For Sale
Gender/Coat Female/ shorthair,
Birth Date 5/25/2017
Ready  end August/September
Parents  SherbertDan/ Bon