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I wanted to let you know Blue Angel AKA (Penny) is doing great!!! We love her dearly.She is a little shy,but coming around.I thought it would take her longer being 9 months,but she is very sweet My gosh, we didn't think she was so tiny, and even more beautiful in person.I can now see why other breeders would be jealous.I havent seen such a beautiful dog in 40 yrs.I am taking her for her Vet apt.tomorrow. I hate to because she is just now settling in,but I will/am going to abide by our contract.Feel free to use me as a ref. I can't even believe she is 2.5 lbs I think the scales are wrong! LOL She feels like she doesn't even weigh a lb. She is so very much the lap furbaby we wanted. She isn't wild or crazy at all.She just started giving kisses this evening.Yea,remember our time is dif.We went and bought her another new bed (made for a ferret) LOL because she is sooooo tiny.She loves it.We have been looking for yrs and I am glad I waited and got the little girl of our dreams.Well,I know you are busy and have tons of e-mails to read so I will stop here,as I could go on,and on,and on,about how pleased we are,
Thx again Kenneth and Deana

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Same litter. Both puppies matured as small adults, the blue and white male 4 lb tiny toy and the white teacup 3 lb.

Just 30 days apart in age! Pup in red sold as a teacup by another Breeder just because she weighed 16 ounes at 3 months.  Our Stuart was a fat 2 lbs at 3 months and still ended up 2 lbs 2 ounces at one year old. Just thined out.
the photo is from the owner of both Chihuahua puppies
We met Billie when she called for help. The puppy she bought was light weight at 16 ounces at 3 months, but the puppy was not tiny, rather she was long in inch measuremenI told her to get puppy to Vet and it was found the puppy was infested with hookworms. thus not absorbing her food leading to low weight. Once medicated the puppy gained 4 lbs within weeks, going from a 1 lb  3 month old to a 5 lb 5 month old. She enede up 10 lbs grown. Billie bought our Stuart who was chubby and cvharting 4 lbs but  Stuart ended up 2 lbs at 1 year old, gaining only a couple ounces. Stuart was fat as a 3 month old and charted higher 4 lbs on the Chihuahua  charts.

Parents 5 and 2, 10 lbs

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Reference Name- BABY BEAR
Tiny black and tan longhair. Applehead dollface with short muzzle. his dollface is beautiful.Large applehead, large eyes. ,adorable
Status For Sale
GendeR male
Parnets Dam 5 lbs Sire 2 2/3 lbs
Birth Date 6/25/17
Ready late October
Reference Name- Teensy Weensy
Teacup black and tan shorthair.  Applehead dollface,shorter muzzle. Charts 3 lbs grown. She smaller like her Sire
Price $1650
Gender female
Parents Dam 5 lbs Sire 2 2/3  lbs
Birth Date 6/25/17
Ready late October
.Reference Name- Chiquita
Black /tan shorthair.  Applehead pretty little  who is charting 3 ish lbs grown
Price  $1400
Gender female
Birth Date 7/5/2017
Parents Ben 2.5 lbs  and Tink 4 lbs
INQUIRE Chiquita
.Reference Name- City Girl
Black /tan shorthair.  Applehead pretty little  who is charting 3 ish lbs grown
Price $1500
Gender female
Birth Date 7/5/2017
Parents Ben 2 .5 lbs  and Tink4 lbs
INQUIRE Chiquita
Parents Ben 2.5 lbs and TInk 4 lbs
.Reference Name- Wonka
Micro teacup Black /tan shorthair.  Applehead pretty little  who is charting  2 ish to 3 lbs grown. He can stnd up. Its realy cute. I took a movie of him standing up
Price $2000
Gender  Male
Birth Date 7/20/2017
Ready Novemeber

INQUIRE Chiquita
Thu, Mar 16, 2017 5:46 am
Wee willie 
From Bernadette Mier bmier505@
Debra, we just love Wee Willie, now named Zeus. He is precious. If you ever need a review of your services, please let us know. Your service is everything you claim it is. Thank you, thank you. Bernadette