Notice the uniqyue dollface look in our adults. MAny consuemrs think our adults are puppies and every month I receive a few emails asking to adopt the " puppies" on the Dams page or the Sires page.  I have AKC and CKC registered chihuahua.The kind of Chihuahuas we have are not easy to find. We breed: Applehead Chihuahua| Puppies Terms consumers use to describe size: Teacup chihuahua puppies, Micro chihuahua puppies, tiny chihuahuas, pocket puppies Tiny Chihuahuas even 2 lbs grown are a toy breed and Chihuahua Clubs, AKC and CKC asks Breeders not to label puppies teacup, micro, tiny, and pocket puppies 

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Champion Bloodline Chihuahuas For Sale
  Mink  Rose 
Frisky Rose
     Vanilla Sherbert Pol
Sugars SnowWhite
Lacy Cream Puff