Notice the uniqyue dollface look in our adults. MAny consuemrs think our adults are puppies and every month I receive a few emails asking to adopt the " puppies" on the Dams page or the Sires page.  I have AKC and CKC registered chihuahua.The kind of Chihuahuas we have are not easy to find. We breed: Applehead Chihuahua| Puppies Terms consumers use to describe size: Teacup chihuahua puppies, Micro chihuahua puppies, tiny chihuahuas, pocket puppies Tiny Chihuahuas even 2 lbs grown are a toy breed and Chihuahua Clubs, AKC and CKC asks Breeders not to label puppies teacup, micro, tiny, and pocket puppies 

Our Gorgeous Girls

Champion Bloodline Chihuahuas For Sale
Frisky Rose
     Vanilla Sherbert
Sugars SnowWhite
Lacy Cream Puff
Speckled Blue Ice