One great advantage about buying from us is that our puppies come to you very  well trained.

Please read our many customer references regarding the advancement in this area. Our customers

are shocked to find their puppies trained and they advise us to advertise this on our website. Since

these results have been given to us over and over again for several years, I will start to mention this in

2014.  We raise our puppies indoors in our home and really do not work hard to potty train our puppies.

So I wasn't listening very well the first few years that customers would contact us in amazement over

our puppies using the pee pads, litter boxes and going outside.  I now do know the secrets which are relative

how we raise our dogs,  promoting natural training of our puppies. Again, I wish to mention that it was our

customers who continued to contact us upon receiving their puppies and finding them trained. I then

took careful note on my puppy rearing actives and I can see where this success comes from. I feel

strongly this is due to a home environment, kennel free raising of adults and puppies. If you would like

advice on potty training your puppy then contact me while your puppy is under 4 months old. Once your

puppy is over 4  months you may need professional advice which can be found on websites of dog

training professionals. I am experienced in puppy care, rearing, training and can offer you some hints.