Chihuahua Puppies And Your Children
The fastest way to make a tiny Chihuahua  puppy sick  and end up in a health crisis is to allow a child to carry the puppy around the house for too long of periods. Imagine being on a continuous roller coaster and how sick you would become. Instruct the child to SIT with the puppy and enforce this rule. Very young pupies can become sick very fast if  children are allowed to carry them around like a toy. Puppies are not toys for children. Think of a newborn human infant  brought into the household and how you would protect the baby.
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Update on Miah "snow white"
Mon, Feb 16, 2015 7:06 pm
Hi, just thought I'd update you on our little girl.  She is a couple days over 15 weeks now and weighs 2 lb 2 oz.  She is an absolute joy and couldn't be happier with our little girl. She is so smart and sweet everyone that see's her just melts.  She is 99% potty trained and has been very easy to paper and outside train.  She has slept all night from the first night we received her.  She does sleep with us LOL, however, she doesn't get up once she lays down and is so sweet she lays there until we start moving and then Kisses Kisses Kisses *:) happy.  Just want to thank you again for all the care you gave our little Miah.  She couldn't be any sweeter and we love her so much.  She is also very playful in the morning and late afternoon.  The rest of the time she loves to be in my lap and since in Texas we walk around in the yard looking at the new flowers blooming so she follows me step by step. Thanks again for your loving care you give your puppies, it shows in her loving nature. Beth

Wed, Mar 11, 2015 12:51
Re: Puppa are doing great together...he is my little 'Miracle Chi' He is just the sweetest, smartest little dog ever in the world... I love him so much and I know he loves me too. Although, he probably is missing you a little still as his first mommy. hank you so much for letting me have him .It must be really hard getting so close to them all and then having to let them go. This is why it would be hard to be a breeder I think LOL.  Love and Light
Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 7:30
He is doing great! He is eating fine, sleeping well, uses the puppy pads- he is a wonderful puppy. He is very social and runs around being excited to see everyone. We still haven't heard him bark or whine. He is all around happy and playful. I love him! Oct 23 2016
Subject Re: received my puppy Oct 23.2016 

lrainydaz Dear Debra wanted to let you know Baby arrived safely.  She is already the boss of the house .She's very playful and  is eating well. She had her 1st vet visit on Oct .24th here in NJ . Baby Bianca  passed with flying colors. Bianca is adjusting well to us and kissing our faces off as we Kiss hers all up as well. We cant wait for our second puppy from you to arrives in Nov so baby has a friend to grow up with .Since the first time talking to you on the phone about your puppy’s you made me very comfortable. I'm so happy,  I came across your website,  your puppy  are beautiful  and I can see why because  your a excellent breeder and very honest also. Please feel free to use me as a reference for those who live in the New Jersey  area or elsewhere. Thank you for the happiness  Lorraine Santos

Reference Name- BALLERINA
Tiny Teacup female Extreme applehead                dollface.Show prospect

                     Butterfly 3.5  x Benny 2 lbs ( R).
                Mothers picture will be posted soon
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                 HANNAH HARDLY THERE
  Extremely teensy applehead puppy snub muzzle. She  is Charting 2 lbs grown and very tiny body too.
Charting is an estimation only. She has a tiny body too as you can see she is extremely tiny size puppy

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Over 100 references on this website.References
2009 onward Start HERE For 2004 on HERE
References from 2015 onward are bottom of puppy for sale pages. I have many yet to post
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    Reference Name- BLUEBIRD
  Teacup female pup.Blue merle Extreme                    applehead dollface. She is stunning

Beautiful applehead female longhair with pink to brown nose. She is charting 3 ish grown

                    BITTIE BABY BIRDIE
Extremely teensy applehead male . He isnt charting, but  I expect him to reach 2 ish Gorgeous applehead snub muzzle, He is gorgeous baby. As you can see he is an extrely teensy sized puppy

                  INQUIRE ON BIRDIE
                                  ITTY BITTY
              Extremely teensy puppy, applehead female .
        Chocolate nose. Charts 2. 5 lb grown but she is                   slender so I   list a higher charting of 3 lbs grown
                              INQUIRE HERE
Price is first based on QUALITY, Not size. Price is first based on whether the puppy is of show or pet quality looks. So a showy TOY  Chihuahua puppy will cost more then a pet quality Teacup puppy
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6 week old puppy next to D battery. How much smaller could a 6 week old puppy get then this? I see puppies this age on websites double this size being listed as teacups.
         Reference Name- WOOKIE
  Teacup  longhair sale male pup. Extreme applehead dollface. He  is stunning

  Applehead dollface with black nose. Very tiny. Very short muzzle. She is charting 2 ish to 3 lbs grown