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Not all passenger flights carry animals because the transport of living animals must be done in a special made room on the planes. The rooms have the same temps and air as passengers. Not all planes have this room so not all passenger planes can carry animals. Many times as you look up in the sky and see passenger planes traveling you can't know if that plane is one that carries animals or not, because you would not know if that particular plane has the special built room for animals.  All passenger planes  carry luggage because suitcases  do not  need air nor warm temperatures. IF you hear  lies that  puppies   are thrown in with the suitcases then you can inform that person they are not correct.  A person or animal would die if put in with suitcase in the cargo hold. Puppies trave r with food and water, as well as blankets.I do nost ship puppies under 12 weeks old
                                                                  PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY AT AIRPORT

You will be given the flight itinerary and you will need to have your ID for pick up. You should be at the airport by the time the airplane lands. Please have a plastic bag in case of soiled bedding. There will be a folder wsith paperwork inside of a pillowcase located under the bedding inside the carrier. Please be careful not to throw away this pillowcase with
the folder inside. Puppy will have food and also water inside the carrier, but I would still like you to offer water in a bowl in your vehicle before you dirve puppy home. Please also swipe an inch of Nutrical Gel into the pups mouth ORoffer goatsmilk in a bowl in your car that you have prepared  to take to airport. If puppy refuses then just drive home.