About Your Breeder
I thought  that creating a page to provide some information on my breeding program may help consumers looking to purchase a puppy  online feel a bit more comfortable. The Internet, as much as most of us love it, can be a scary place when you are considering sending money to someone you do not know. Many years ago I spent several thousands of dollars buying Champion Chihuahuas over the internet to start my breeding program, so  I was in the same situation many of you find yourself in. I had to research and chose who to buy from and I had  to trust them with my money as well as trust them that I would be receiving healthy Chihuahuas with sound temperaments. Before I get into personal information Id like to share a few words

I advise those who are looking to buy a puppy to always call and speak to a dog breeder and never go simply by texts or emails alone I also implore you to not buy puppies from brick and mortar petshops as you do not know the condition the parents are in as Petshops deal with hidden away kennel. Impulse shopping in Petshops must stop because every time a puppy is sold the Petshop owner puts in a new order for another puppy to take the place of the puppy sold. I hope Petshop laws become federal so that Petshops will not be allowed to sell puppies in all states. Online Petshops are just as bad and EASY TO IDENTIFY because they sell SO MANY DIFFERENT BREEDS. Please stay away from them and please use forums to spread the word about these Brokers and Petshop owners that pay low  wholersale prices to puppymills and sell these mill puppies for thousands online. Remember they are identified by clicking the HOME page ofg whichever page you end up on through google . You MUST cliock the Home page so that you can see all the many different breeds of dogs they have for sell. If you are on Google and click on their Chihuahua google link then you will land on their Chihuahua page and will not know they have many other breeds for sale.

Also photos of adult dogs should be posted on a dog breeders website. I know that my adult Chihuahuas pictures are being emailed by dishonest breeders to unsuspecting consumers. These consumers contact me thinking my adults are the parents of their puppies and I have the sad news of telling them that they were deceived. Some crooked breeders stole the photos of my cute adults  off my website and sent my dogs photos to people, representing my adults as the parents.
My Childhood

I developed a passion for animals when I was 5 years old and I saw a litter of kittens in a neighbors barn. That was it! The flame was lit and now at age 60 the flame still burns bright. I have been in animal rescue since I was 9. I played with baby dolls until age 11 when  I was teased by my cousins of same age who had discovered boys. They had laughed about my  still playing dolls and I felt very  embarrassed so never brought the subject up to them again.

Teen Years to Twenties

I had always been active in animal rescue, focused more so on water fowl in those days . At age 18 became ill with liver disease and I spent my 18th to my 24th year in hospitals battling a disease that no one knew much about.I was a medical mystery. The disease  was known as Non B and Non D hepatitis.  It nearly took my life a few times, the last when I was 23 years old and remember family members and friends gathered around my bed. In those days young people were not told they were dying ( I sure was not told and I do not remember the thought of dying coming into my head)  so I was puzzled by everyone visiting me. I was also confused as to why I could not sit up or even lift my head off my pillow. The next thing I remember through this haze was the expression of shock on the nurses face as she walked into my room and saw me up walking to use the bathroom. She literally ran out of the room! Next thing I know several doctors are in my room and I hear the word " miracle". Looking back I did not know I was dying and I did not understand the significant of  the word the Doctor chose to use.  My illness was new on the earth or at last newly recognized. No treatment was available. My youth, my immune system fought it off. I am one of the small group of people who defeat Hep C. If I had known I was dying, would things have been different? Why did it never occur to me that I was dying? I was 23 years old and I should have known. I lived this horrible and strange event and I do not have the answers to these questions. Hepatitis made me ill enough to want to die. I used to go in weekly for blood testing. I was told I have a new liver disease that was new on earth.

My Father

My father was a military man of 23 years, in the Navy and and also Coast Guard. He was a man of honor, a college man who also put my brother through college for 15 years. He was a generous soul, with a good heart, gentle, honest and he brought out the best in everyone around him. Honor and respect is contagious and it is sad to see such traits die out in much of our population in today's world. My father was the Captain of a multiple ships, one being the Nanok during the Greenland Patrol.  Papa  lost his beloved Brother in the war ( my uncle). My Papa  was a man of honor where a handshake was one's word. Men like my father are far and few between these days and  I am happy that such a gentleman  had a good life. He died at the age of 94 and I look forward the day where I will meet him again in the  resurrection on the last day He started a bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses in the last few years of his life. He new of a wonderful hope and knew he would  brought be back to life one day on a beautiful restored earth where age and sickness and death would no longer exist.An almighty God who has the ability to give a name to trillion of stars has the memory to bring back billions of humans. Bringing the dead back to life was shown to us by Jehovah's beloved son Jesus, while he was on earth. Jesus himself died on the earth and Jesus was viewed by many people on earth, after he was brought back to life by Jehovah. Jesus, after being brought back to life even went and had special words with Peter.

My Faith

Although I was raised as in a christan family, I read the bible on my own and came across many contradictions to the teachings of my minister. My minister was taught the earth will be destroyed and everyone will live in heaven, YET the Bible teaches that the " Earth Abideth Forever" The Bible teaches "The Meek Will inherit The Earth", and The Bible teaches "A New Earth and a New Heaven"  which is easy to understand that meaning as the verse explains itself and says "In which righteousness will dwell". Indeed the earth will be "new"  when illness and death exist no more and the Bible says "No resident will say I am sick". The Bible teaches that "the lamb and the lion will lie down together". These verses speak of situation on earth that we do not see today. These are  future prophecys clearing showing that  the ORIGINAL purpose of the earth and mankind has not been abandoned.  God's original purpose for the earth and mankind has not been in vain, but only been sidetracked for a period of time due to questions raised by a rebellious angel in regard  to who has the right to rulership over mankind.. That Angel did not question Gods power but rather Gods right to rule. The Angel successfully  turned the first human pair away from God, so he challenged that Man and himself could run the earth and did not need God. Certainly God had the ability to destroy that rebellious  angel and the  human pair, but to do so may have raised questions in the minds of his millions of beloved spiritual sons ( millions of angels) . Jehovah God has given angels and man free will to choose. God decided to allow a one time period in  history to mankind and this bad angel  ( named Satan and Devil) to run the earth themselves without his interference.
So how do you like the way the world is run by men, and this evil angel with the millions of bad angels that follow him? I think you would agree that a world run by men, Satan and his army of  bad angel followers ( called demons) is in horrible shape. Without a shadow of a doubt  enough time has past and proven that these bad angels and men can't run things well at all. Men can't stop disease and they can't eliminate death. Men can't stop wars, yet God promises that when once he again takes up reulership ( through his son Jesus Christ as KIng ) that he will restore the earth and mankind back to his original purpose. Many prophecies are close to occuring and this evil angel named Satan knows his time left is short and this is the reason why we now live in the times the bible says" Critical times hard to deal with will be here.... Men will become faint out of fear not knowing the way out ...."
Most religions today believe Jesus to be the Almighty God and refuse to recognize Jehovah as the Almighty. Most Jewish people believe in the Almighty God Jehovah and fail to recognize Jehovah's beloved son Jesus. Jehovah witnesses are the only people on earth who see both, the true Almighty God , and his only begotten son Jesus. Jehovah's people today are those that know who the true God is (Jehovah) and they also follow the example in course of life that Jesus clearly set when he instructed his followers to preach the news of  kingdom throughout the entire inhabited earth and to make deciples. Mark 16:15
Matthew 24:14 " The good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come,". Jehovah's people today have translated the bible in over 800 languages.  Remember that the religious leaders in Jesus day he called "Snakes and vipers" as they were not teaching the people accurate knowledge. The religious leaders hated  Jesus for the truths he spoke. Jesus  came to earth for multiple reasons...one was to  to bring back the name of his father because the Isrealites had become superstitious and stopped using Gods name. Other reasons were to teach of his father's heavenly kingdom and also while on earth Jesus proved that dead persons can be brought back to life. At that time no human being had been resurrected  from death  to heavenly spirit life yet, but Jesus did show a resurrection of the dead back to life on earth. Jesus was the first person resurrected to heaven, and his death opened the way to not only resurrection to a life on a earth, but also for certain humans who would be resurrected to heaven to rule by his side in his Father's Kindgom. A heavenly based Kingdom that will rule over mankind who live on earth. God did not create the earth simply for nothing. His original purpose will take place.  If you would like to know more of the common sence true teachings of the Bible please visit www.jw.org

Loss of my husband to cancer, and my start as a dog breeder

My husbands death left with three children under 11. My children were in deep grief over the loss of their father. Being in rescue I was not fond of dog breeders, but made an exception, turning  to a Dog breeder, and buying a purebred poodle. The joy from the puppy brought an idea to my daughter. which she shared with me. I spent over $10,000 purchasing a few Champion Chihuahuas from across the United States, and the rest is history.  It has been over 20 years since I started my Chihuahua breeding program. I was able to work out of my home and continue to homeschool my children. So my business with my dogs was a blessing in more ways then one. My being able to work out of my home was a way for me to have income and not need  federal disabilitypayments ( I was stricken with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases) Nowadays my doctors link my autoimmune diseases to the liver disease I fought off as a teenager.

Raising three Children

I never remarried so took on the task of raising three children to adulthood by myself. I am now a grandmother of two and I
feel very blessed to have survived my childhood illnesses in order for my children to be born, and now,  I have grand children!
I sometimes tell my children it is a miracle they were born, as I nearly did not survive my childhood.  I bet many of you reading this can look back in your past and see times you too may have almost died ay one time or another. To come so close to dying and then to survive, gives one the amazing unique ability to see what currently exists because one survived, and to appreciate everything so much more.

I will add more as you show interest. Feel free to send me input.