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Record 1

Source: California
Address: CA
County Charged: Sacramento
Case Number: 90F110XX
Offense Date 12/20/xxxx
Offense County Sacramento
Offense Description FELONY

Record 2

Source: California
Address: CA
County Charged: Sacramento
Case Number: 1044XX
Offense Date 05/07/xxxx
Offense County Sacramento

Record 3
Source: California
Address: CA
County Charged: Sacramento
Case Number: 92F043XX
Offense Date 05/18/xxxx
Offense County Sacramento
Offense Description FELONY

  Record 4
Source: California
Address: CA
County Charged: Sacramento
Case Number: 93F0696XX
Offense Date 08/18/xxxx
Offense County Sacramento
Offense Description FELONY

                                    SCAM WITH A ACTUAL CHIHUHUA BREEDER
            WHO STOLE A PHOTO OF ONE OF MY ADULT MALES TO USE ON HER                                                   WEBSITE TO REPRESENT A LITTER OF PUPPIES SHE HAD

I caught a breeder using a photo of MY adult chihuahua male on her site.  Yep, a REAL Chihuahua breeder with real puppies for sale on her  website with MY boy on her ADULT page. Below is a screen shot I took of that "adults" page of her website. You can see my chocolate male bottom of the screen. I emailed her asking if she had a litter by that male and she replied YES. Wow

Jodie O'brien (3/21/2006 10:27:47 AM): i called animal control back last week
B (3/21/2006 10:27:51 AM): ?
Judy O'brien (3/21/2006 10:27:52 AM): he never called me back
B (3/21/2006 10:27:55 AM): lol
B (3/21/2006 10:27:58 AM): typical
Judie O'brien (3/21/2006 10:28:04 AM): will call him again today
Jodie brien (4/4/2006 5:54:17 PM): hehheeeeeeeeeeee
Jodie brien (4/4/2006 5:54:22 PM): bye bye kitty cats  ( Jodie was part of this evil plot)
B (4/6/2006 8:26:36 AM): animal control went to her house yesterday
Jodie O'brien (4/6/2006 8:26:41 AM): GET OUT
B (4/6/2006 8:26:46 AM): I just reading an email from her now (I was emailing B daily thinking she was a friend)
JodieO'brien (4/6/2006 8:26:49 AM): LOL
B(4/6/2006 8:26:54 AM): dogs are clean and healthy
Jodie brien (4/6/2006 8:26:58 AM): SEE MAYBE HE IS NOT THAT BAD
( Jodie is starting to wonder why)
B(4/6/2006 8:26:59 AM): needs to get rid of cats
Jodie O'brien (4/6/2006 8:27:05 AM): HEHHEEEEE
B(4/6/2006 8:27:17 AM): call him today to make sure that is true
( "B" a dog breeder who you would think loves animals is actually asking Jodie to call animal control back to make sure we had to "get rid" of CATS?  What did the cats do? I am a breeder of DOGS? What did the CATS have to do with anything? What kind of character  SEEK to harm and kill children or animals to hurt another adult?
Jodie O'brien (4/10/2006 11:15:53 AM): ohhhhhhhhhhh i hate her

Below is her felony record of one of my harassers.I paid for criminal background checks. I suspected  criminal records due to  lack of morals with shameless lying
If you are here it is likely you have been sent here by me.  I would not wish to accept money and then people find  reports about me and panic. I am taking the advice of a customer who is in marketing and bringing the subject into the open, and  address  the shameful behavior of 40 to 65 year old adults who i refuse to compare to children, because children are capable of far better behavior. I am speaking of 40 to 65 year old adults posting that my underwear must be dirty bevcause i must never change them, and that I am filthy, and that I live in a chicken coop. One of the women was an anger management counselor for teenagers. I contacted her place of employment and let them know of the dozens of threatening  and harassing posts. They needed to know who they had counseling their  young patients.
This all started in 2004 when I came online. A Chihuahua breeder bought a puppy from me and claimed it had hydrocephalus. I told her I needed proof as the puppy had been Vet examed and passed. She refused to offer proof YET expected a full refund right awa within a few days, just based on her words to me. I told her I would extend her warranty and that she could give me medical proof.  Instead of showing me proof, she and her friends ( I had no identities on them) , started posted dozens of fake upset buyer reports. Multiple friends of this breeder pretended to be buyers of mine and they wrote terrible false reports. I could not believe what was happening and I felt I should give them the money they asked for in order to stop the insanity. So, without proof of any defect I gave this woman and her friends $7000 January 23rd, 2006 via western Union.   NOTHING CHANGED. I was laughed at for paying the money and they continued to write fake reports. I did not know the identies of most of the people harrassing me.

Faceless nameless cowards who posted dozens of fake " upset buyer" reports.  Unfortunately to this day in 2016 there are STILL people who think that the complaint forums only allow validated material.  In 2012, 2013, two in 2015 four  people, without owning a puppy from me, wrote defamatory reports.  They do not own puppies from me, so why write reports? Without any purchase from me? What can they say? Without any experince with me. Well, they just cut and paste the old reports and say..... LOOKIE HERE

There is a REAL CUSTOMER who wrote a report. SEE KATHERN - BELOW

I figure if anyone chooses to believe everything they read, judge and condemn, then I am not missing someone of great value. That is not a person I would wish to deal with anyway.

My intention of revealing the online defamation is to give my side and to also let you chose to purchase from me or not.  You can make your choice right here,  never contact me and just move on if that is what you wish, sparing me the grief those reports have created in my life. Imagine seeing your name, and, the names of  your beloved family member's trashed in fron of the world.

Until the government passes laws to force forum owners to hold responsiblity for content that is posted, then ALL OF US are at risk for ANYTHING to be posted online about us, or our families. Anyone can post YOUR name and address and say ANYTHING, even claiming your husband or son is a molester......

False reports written by other breeders,  competitors and their friends, maasquerading as buyers.
1. They stole my website titles, similar urls, and  created copycat websites to try to entice my customers to their lookalike sites. .  I tried TWICE to  create a new website title , but it was fruitless, as they would steal my new title.  After seeing me change my title TWICE  they would race to the forum and  post that I was "on the run" and they would list DOZENS of fabricated websit  titles they claimed I used.

2.On their copycat websites they would post my contract ( stolen from my website) and  ridicule it sentence by sentence. ( Now,over a decade later, these breeders have contracts with much of my original  content)

3. I could not keep a guestbook on my website as they would post daily threats into it. I felt so bad for my customers as they posted pleadings in my Guestbook, begging my harassers to leave me alone. I chose to remove the Guestbook.

4. On the forums my harrasers were creative and would weave poisonous statements meant to deceive the consumer to think we have multiple upset buyers. My harassers would use such statements as  "There are so many of us" or "It is comforting to know we are not alone"

There lies were a malicious  conspiracy  to ruin my online character. It takes many years to build a reputation and it takes nothing more then lies to ruin it. God says that Satan is the father of the lie.
Also God says we must not  bear false withness against others. That is one of HIS commandments

THEY CALLED IN A FRAUDULENT  REPORT TO ANIMAL CONTROL. See the actual transcript below of the women working to push animal control to come to my home. The report of the animal control visit on us was WONDERFUL. My home CLEAN, and my animals HEALTH.

How did I get the transcript you see below?  One of the women involved in creating the false report
( Jodie) had a change of heart after she saw the favorable animal control report. She called me and told me who my harassers were. She helped me to file police reports, even though she incriminated herself, which proved her sincerity. The report below was sent to me by Jodie herself.

the chocolate chihuahua was mine and his photo stolen and posted on this breeder's site

1. In Kathryns report why doesnt she mention that I  CAUGHT the growth spurt in her 10 week old puppy and REVEALED it to her? I asked her to CHOOSE A SMALLER PUP.
Is it not an honorable thing to be honest? To reveal these truths to her? To give her options?

2. Do you see anywhere in Kathryn's report that she admits that I asked her not to take the puppy? I told her that the puppy was NOT what she wanted. I actually PUSHED her to not take the puppy. She became angry, telling me that she had paid for the puppy and to SEND IT! After I sent the puppy to her, as she demanded, she then  complains the puppy was too big? Are you kidding me? Did she mention anywhere in her report that I offered her a refund fly him  back to me!? Why doesn't Kathryn mention any of this information?

Could it be that if Kathryn revealing any of this info would prove I am honest and responsible, while making her look foolish

So why write it?
Kathryn ran into my harasser. She bought a puppy from  my harasser ( Kathryn posted a puppy photo on the report and I saw the same puppy photo on the SOLD page of my harasser's website. Now it  makes sense that a report is written. Kathryn must have gotten a discount on the puppy?

When I discovered that my harasser had manipulated Kathryn to  write a report for her, I contacted my harasser and told her I knew the new way she was operating now. Since she continued for a decade to not leave me alone, I told her I had finally reached a point I  would  post her felony record on my website. I had held off 10 years, hoping she would leave me alone. I should have posted her felony record a decade ago. Even now,  I have omitted her name from the public record.