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My puppies ( top and bottom far left)  photoS stolen and used in fraud by scammer
My puppy photo stolen and used in Kijiji by scammer
My puppy photo stolen and used in Puppyfind by scammer
My puppy photo stolen and used in Hoobly by scammer
Do Scammers Offer Refunds?


Kathryn placed a deposit on a very young puppy. By the time the puppy was 10 weeks it had lengthened and grown too large, in my opinion, the puppy was NOT what Kathryn wanted, and so I notified her. I asked her to please choose a smaller puppy. I told Kathryn that the puppy had taken after the great grand-sire CHAMPION HI-C BLUE SKIES. Kathryn objected to choosing another puppy but I pushed her again telling her the puppy was NOT suitable for what she wanted and literally begged her she to choose another. Kathryn now became angry and replied that she had paid for the puppy and instructed me to ship the puppy to her

Kathryn got her puppy and called me a scammer. YES you heard right. I then told Kathryn to send the puppy back to me and I would pay half shipping plus give her a refund. She requested I send her the refund first and after she had the moiney THEN she would return the puppy. I refused to comply and she wrote a terrible report

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