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Hi! I wanted to let you know Blue Angel AKA (Penny) is doing great!!! We love her dearly.She is a little shy,but coming around.I thought it would take her longer being 9 months,but she is very sweet My gosh, we didn't think she was so tiny, and even more beautiful in person.I can now see why other breeders would be jealous.I havent seen such a beautiful dog in 40 yrs.I am taking her for her Vet apt.tom.I hate to because she is just now settling in,but I will/am going to abide by our contract.Feel free to use me as a ref. I cant even believe she is 2.5 lbs I think the scales are wrong! LOL She feels like she doesn't even weigh a lb.She is so very much the lap furbaby we wanted.She isnt wild or crazy at all.She just started giving kisses this evening.Yea,remember our time is dif.We went and bought her another new bed (made for a ferret) LOL because she is sooooo tiny.She loves it.We have been looking for yrs and I am glad I waited and got the little girl of our dreams.Well,I know you are busy and have tons of e-mails to read so I will stop here,as I could go on,and on,and on,about how pleased we are,Thx again Kenneth and Deana ANOTHER HAPPY FAMILY, THANK YOU
We would like express to you our sincere gratitude for breeding such a darling pup that we are so very happy to call our own. We are so very pleased, and I must say, amazed at the many outstanding qualities she pocesses. She arrived very content and confident and extremely happy to meet us. She immediately made herself at home with ease. Minnie Mouse, alias, Bria, is truly a delight. We are very impressed with how she easily became house broken to our yard. I must say our climate is rather brisk on the other side of the nation, compared to the warm climate she was acustomed to. But this did not pose a problem. This in itself has made things very easy for us. We as well are impressed with the care you provided her in her infancy and the very nutritious diet and health she possesses. Bria appears healthy, happy and extremely well adjusted and has an adorable personality. She is so very well behaved and enjoys her family time as well as her quiet time in her new crate.  Debra, we can honestly say a day does not go by that we do not comment on your impressive talents as a breeder and the quality of the pups you raise. Our new chihuahua is very healthy, happy and simply a perfect pup and has transitioned with ease to her new home. The minute we saw her photos and her videos we had immediately fallen in love with her and are so very happy to have Bria in our home.. After careful searching we thankfully have found our pup. We are so very grateful for all that you have done and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Sinerely and gratefully, Frank and Deb Palya

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Christina From Canada
Having never purchased a single item online in my thirty years of life, deciding to order a Chihuahua puppy from another country was one of the most nerve wracking decisions that I’ve ever had to make! I  fell in love with a photo that was posted on Debra’s website of a tiny, fawn male named Twinki I immediately contacted Debra and was impressed by her confidence and expertise.  Her professionalism was transparent from the moment we spoke on the phone when she openly informed me that I should be aware of the negative backlash that she had received.  I was immediately taken aback by her honesty, as she was clearly not trying to coerce me into buying a puppy from her unless I had done my research on her as a breeder.  I have to admit that it was so refreshing to have someone present themselves so openly, without reservation.  Her approach towards me proved that she had nothing to hide and that she was confident in her skill as a breeder.  I decided to take her advice and read Debra’s website thoroughly, as well as all of the testimonials that have supported her work throughout the years.  While there were undoubtedly negative comments posted online, I was quickly able to see through the untrue remarks and felt at ease given the number of positive experiences provided to support Debra’s reputation as an exceptional breeder. As the days went on, Debra and I communicated regularly.  Her prompt replies to emails and detailed instructions not only proved just how knowledgeable she is, but also allowed me to realize just how genuinely concerned she is to ensure that her pups will be well taken care of once they leave her home.  Despite the ample warnings that I had from friends who were skeptical about buying a puppy on-line, my on-going communication with Debra and the professional relationship that we established enabled me to feel 100% certain that I was making an informed decision. I travelled across the border to Buffalo, New York to meet the little guy that had captivated my heart only a few short weeks ago.  Wearing a tiny sweater and surrounded by several baby blankets, Winston looked very comfortable and was very receptive to being held for the first time after his flight.  Upon his arrival into my home, Winston proved just how well he had been trained as he immediately used his pee pad and continues to respond well to clicker training. I cannot thank Debra enough for all of the hard work that she has done to raise such happy, healthy, social puppies and I feel very blessed that I was able to find one that is perfect for me!  Debra is truly a remarkable person whose love for all animals is evident in her devotion to each of her puppies, as well as her commitment to her providing her customers with top quality dogs.  Please feel free to ask Debra for my email address and I will be more than willing to share this experience, which has brought so much happiness into my life Christina Toronto, Canada

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Munchkin DollFace Chihuahuas
A Grand champion is a Champion who competes against several other Champions and wins over all of them. Grand Champion Donovan is the Sire and grand-sire of  many of our Chihuahuas. Our champion bloodlines are through BAYARD, BURGANDY,BLUE SKYS DUGGERS, HI-C, JEN-JEANS, KANDEE, DARTAN, DEAS, DESMOND, HURDS , JALWOOD, JIMBOBS, JO-ELS, JOANNA, KLEINS,  MARJAX, MARQUES, O'PAG,  OSITO, MT VIEWS, PALS, PAVS, PANCHE,REGS, PITTORE, REGNIERS, QUACHITAH, ROBBINS, SHARING, SOROKO, STAR BRITE, STOBERS,TOYVILLE,TOYON HILLS, TOY VALLEY, VANDERPOOL, WILLMADOR ,VANNOY ...
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  Kitten brought to us with severe eye damage
Micro pocket Chihuahuas
applehead chihuahua puppy
Welcome! We offer speciality Chihuahuas of a very unique type of appearance, not your average Chihuahua. We have been around for decades, and are seasoned  highly experienced breeders. We have unique dollfaces which sets us apart from others. Very young puppies can look alike to the untrained eye of the consumer, as it will take until the puppy is 3 months of age to display "inferior" traits.  Puppies are only puppies for a short period of time and spend most of their time as adults and if you check out our adults, you will see that our puppies retain the dollface. Study a breeders ADULT dogs. You will notice that our adults look like puppies. We often have consumers ask to buy the "puppies" Danny , Bluebell Or Valley and Ballerina...our adult breeding Chihuahuas. We have never had a reported case of heart, liver or kidney disease, nor epilepsy or seizure disorder. Also never a case of diabetes, Cushing, Addison nor any other endocrine disorder. In early 2 decades, depsite teensy Chihuahuas we have had only three reported cases of luxating patellas. My Vet expresses surprise  at consistant result of  good knees during our health exams.
Our title "Munchkin Dollface Chihuahuas" has been stolen by a breeder and posted our title on her site so her website pops up when the public searches online for us. Her site is already in the top three of all keyword searches so she doesn't need my title and she doesnt have other Chihuahua Breeder website titles posted on her site. When you learn  that this breeder has harassed us for a decade, then you can see this action is just another act of many. For example she used hidden text on her site with remarks such as " Do not Buy Puppies From Debra" Childish right?  But also damaging BECAUSE hidden text can be seen by search engines and when consumers search for us, all this defamation pops up. She has harassed us exclusively  for a decade!  I  revealed her criminal record but only after she refused to cease harassment.  She breeds fuller sized Chihuahuas  and has has made it clear  through email and commnets in my guestbook that she hates us for breeding the tiny Chihuahuas. I could not keep a guestbook on my site due to daily verbal abuse from this bully. She is an x felon and claims she has changed, but her continuing to use her website against us and hold a self righteous view of herself proves she STILL holds the criminal mind set. She should look at the beam in her own eyes instead of the speck in someone else's eye. Why not harass those Korea Brokers who import puppies from Korea! Why not harass huge puppy millls where dogs suffer? I am STILL online  a decade later so THINK and Learn! Leave a senior citizen, double your age ALONE! ONE example on how dirty this Breeder are is the time when I had a puppy I was selling  in 2006 and the puppy had a grade II lux of her knee. ( a champion bloodline we had bought had lux so we discontinued the bloodline)  I DISCLOSED this on my website description of the puppy. I  was honest and forthcoming about the loose knee. Isnt that what the public looks for?
CLEAN & NON TOXIC ENVIRONMENT- Having mild OCD has it benefits when raising dogs. I maintain a clean, but happy home. Our dogs are like children and certainly allowed the comfort of the home environment. We buy our dogs organic cotton toys. Any rubber toys we ensure are BPA free. We use real lambs wool from "Holy Lambs Organics" and natural rubber foam pads placed inside of zipper cotton cushions for our dog beds. We promote awareness of toxic chemicals, found in many rubber and plastic dog toys, which are known to cause endocrines disorders, cancer, allergies, intestinal illness, autoimmune  and degenerative diseases. If it can't go into a human babies mouth then I prefer my puppies do not chew on the toy.

HEALTH STARTS BEFORE CONCEPTION- Mother dogs fed a nutritious diet BEFORE pregnancy and provided a happy environment do not produce stress hormone"cortisol" which could bombard delicate growing puppy embryos. Also poor diet with nutritional deficiencies can lead to organ defects while puppies develop in the womb.  Dogs living under poor conditions suffer from inadequate nutrition and constant stress which leads to adrenal exhaustion. This state of the mother leads to organ weakness in her developing puppy embryos. Puppies that survive to adulthood suffer from allergies, temperament flaws & early adult degenerative disease. Puppies born to content mothers who thrive with  human contact, excercise,  prenatal care, premium nutrition & supplements

A TEACUP HERE- A TEACUP THERE- A TEACUP EVERYWHERE.  I feel that most of the public knows that the word Teacup simply means a smaller Chihuahua.Chihuahua Breed standard is from 2 to 6 lbs so this means that even 2 lb Chihuahuas are TOYS. Yet since the 1960s, or at least 60 ydecades before the home computer, the word TEACUP has been used innocently to mean the smallest ones of many Toy dog breeds ( example Teacup poodle)

WITH THE HOME COMPUTER AND INTERNET CAME A CHANGE The once innocently used word was hijacked and turned into a four letter obscenity scammers. Candy can be used by predators to lure Children ( so do you give up candy?) Like many Chihuahua breeders I have always had warnings on our site to inform the buyer to use discernment in choosing a breeder if the breeder uses the word Teacup to suggest there is a special breed of Chihuahua. Middle aged breeders like myself  have used the term TEACUP for decades simply in reference to the smallest one, and I choose to continue to use the word because all the substitute words mean the very same thing. Many breeders have taken up word substitutions such as Extra Tiny, Teensy Teensy, Ultra Tiny. These descriptive terms all have the same size definition of Teacup.There should be a word to describe the tiniest most fragile puppies! These teensie ones require more time and attention from the breeder. Breeders of larger Chihuahuas sell their runts for triple the price of their other puppies, so they certainly understand how much work is involved with the smaller sized Chihuahua babies. I do not lose much sleep over a regular sized Chihuahua baby, but I spend many weeks of sleepless nights caring for the special requirements of the smaller Chihuahua puppy, which is a sound reason whiy smaller pups cost more.
He can see shadows.
I sought out  the disadvantaged ones. When I saw Tuck he was at a shelter and very sick, so I adopted him, taking him to a Vet who gave him barium and found mega esophagus  and severe food allergy causing sores all over his body. Within a month all sores were gone as I gave him blended liquid organic foods. He was a little nerd whose nail always  stuck out on all toes and he was so pigeon toed as well, while he tipped side to side as he walked , like a duck. Everytime he was fed he had to be held up so the food would go down into his stomach . He was a lover, and living until age nine  was a miracle as we never expected him to live past 2 years.  He had two  cancer surgeries and chemo, but we had to stop  as some  cancers are so aggressive. He had several weeks after being taken off the chemo. I made sure thiose weeks were special for him. To see videos of Tuck go to my Youtuve channel.  I had no videos of BeeBop as I grabbed her off the street from children in front of Wallmart giving kittens away free. I raced her to Davis Vet  University as I could tell she had a serious disorder. Her intestines and liver were in her chest slowing growing and preventing her lungs from expanding. Prognosis was grave  so I arranged surgery. The surgeons were able to move the intestines down out of the chest, but the liver bled, and despite blood transfusions she passed on the table. I still had to pay the $3500 bill. This was before the fall of the economy and I was breeding more dogs, and had more money to help rescues. No longer is this type of expense possible, but on a smaller  scale I am still able to help. I have my own Private TNR, every day feeding, & medical care of   feral cat colonies in orchards in my area. Money from puppy sales has always  provided me a means to fund my own feline rescue, but I am getting older, a widow without a spouse income and I pay people to help me care for our dogs, so this spreads income very thin. The felines  in need are never ending. An example of how cold some humans can be is when a woman called me whispering into the phone that she worked for a Veterinarian clinic, and had called a Rescue for help, but the Rescue gave her my phone number. She said that  a kitten had been brought in by a good samaritan 3 days earlier following an attack by a PittBull. The kitten suffered without treatment at the Stockton Vet Clinic where the Veterinarians kept waiting day after day for animal control to come. I asked the woman if they gave pains meds, cleaned the leg or wrapped it, and her answer to all my questions was NO. I was stunned. I had the receptionist bring the kitten to me and I called local rescues asking for advice,  but due to high cost of surgery I was  told to have kitten put down and I am always told this ,which I can't accept , because it is all over lack of money. It wasn't as if the kitten had a  contagious disease. He had a badly broken leg and I couldn't have him destroyed for that. It wasn't the kittens fault he was attacked and it wasn't his fault that there isn't enough money to help him. My  income from selling  puppies provided a way for me to help this kitten as my credit cards were  maxed so I could not use them.Also the fall of the economy my credit was ruined when I gave up my van to repossess so I wouldn't have that $400 a month bill. I could not afford that bill AND  maintain the colonies too. I had to choose and anyone that knows about people who rescue will know the chooice was for the van to go. My mother chipped in by giving  me one of her two vehicles. BACK TO THE KITTEN. His leg was double the normal size from swelling, and turning black with gangrene setting in. My Vet wanted to amputate, as the leg was too swollen and infected to be operated on. I had X-rays taken and all the bones broken, small and large. The large bone could have pins inserted IF the leg infection was stopped.  Using antibiotics, supplements and healing techniques & prayers, the deterioration of the leg  stopped. With daily therapy, NINE days later the kitten was READY to have pin surgey. An ortho doctor would have cost $4000 and I couldn't afford that so my Vet said he would study up on technique and do it for $1300. Surgery was a success! I couldn't afford the best , but second best worked!! He lost only one toe to gangrene. See the video above left, of the him recovering & feeling great. We named him Sinbad. He has his leg, and walks with the slightest limp. Everyone wants to adopt the perfectly healthy cat and not one with blindness, or missing limps, or any disabilities.Where are special needs families? NOW WE HAVE A NEW DISABLED KITTEN shown above. He had advanced damage to his eyes when found. We thought he would have to lose his eyes , but the Vet helped & eyes healed beyond our best hope . He doesn't bump into walls so he has minimal vision
applehead chihuahua
In Memory Of Tuck, BeeBop, Crybaby, & All Misfits! Adopt Special Need Animals.