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Merle Chihuahua
Welcome! Thank -you for visiting my website. We specialize unique dollface Chihuahuas and have  2 decades of experience as a Chihuahua breeder. We started on a firm foundation with Champion Chihuahuas and over the years have created a look that is unique to us. Our Chihuahuas have special dollfaces which stay as the puppy matures! We have many informative pages  on a variety of subjects. You can enjoy our puppy to adult transformation page with many before and after photos. Learn how to  properly measure the body size of a Chihuahua. Read on a variety of Chihuahua subjects such as Health, vaccination, vaccinosis, Parvo prevention, nutrition, potty training,as well as articles with information on how to reduce environmental toxins, thus helping to prevent premature degenerative illnesses in your dog. We take pride in the higher quality of our Chihuahuas.
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