Michelle Rosas
October 6, 2017
I bought my Chihuahua puppy from Debra in September 2017. At first I was very apprehensive about purchasing a puppy online. With all the scams out there, it was a direction I was not sure I wanted to go. I came across Debra’s web page and found the puppy for me. She was beautiful! I called Debra and spoke with her in length about Lilly and the Chihuahua breed in general. She was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions and address all my concerns.
After speaking with her, my mind had been put a little more at ease, that’s not to say I was not nervous, after all I did not really know her. She did not except credit cards or paypal and the money for Lilly would have to be transferred directly into her account. My thoughts at the time was that it is a lot of money to lose if it were to turn out to be a scam and since my puppy was not even ready yet to be picked up, I would not even have a puppy to show for my deposit. I called Debra again, a few days later and we talked about my concerns. She understood completely how I was feeling and put no pressure on me to buy a puppy from her. I decided to take a leap of faith and sent her the money in full for my Lilly. I can honestly say without hesitation, that it was the best decision I could have made. Not only did Debra deliver to me on the date promised my new puppy, but she was in perfect health and even came with a bag of necessities needed for a new puppy.
When I got Lilly home, I was surprised to find she was potty trained. She was playful and happy and seemed in perfect health. I follow the rules of the contract and got her in to my Vet for a health checkup. My Vet said my puppy was very healthy and he took a stool sample to have sent outcame out clean
No Parvo ....No Flees/Ticks.....No Health issue’s! No Worms
I just want to say Thank You Debra, not only did you sell me the perfect Chihuahua puppy, but you have been there to call when I have had other questions regarding Lilly after my purchase. I want to give my endorsement of this breeder to anyone wanting a perfect Chihuahua puppy. I have had Lily now over a month and she continues to do great. She is very smart and has become my best friend. We love her! If anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with Debra, please feel free to email me and I will be glad to speak with you

teacup chihuahuas
Sandra Kuryliw lazygirlblues@icloud.com
On Jul 17, 2017, at 10:57 AM,
We are willing to give you a glowing testimonial to anyone.. . You made yourself available twenty four seven , sent us pictures of about every inch of this puppy even when you were ill . A video was sent to us , all our questions , we probably drove you silly . You even made sure at more expense on your part , she had a larger carrier with her beloved rabbit skin. I still have that and she kills it and drags that thingy all over . It washed out perfectly .You made sure you advised us on all she would need , foods , vitamins , treats , those funny little Gerber hot dogs . Your warranty was in place ,  we got what we paid for . People want to take pictures of our baby , they run over to look because she is exceptionally beautiful .... Not only that but her temperament ... That person obviously is a trouble maker , I'm sorry because you go all out ,  you're an honest caring breeder who knows how to breed safely these tiny ones . People do not realize all that goes into your business . You earn and deserve every dollar you get . C sections happen at the cost of thousands , some puppies do not make it even with a natural birth and come on how many do yah get out of a litter ?. I'd vouch for you any day ... You're the best Debra , we are soooooooooo very thankful we bought one of your puppies .The scammer , she must be troubled herself with nothing more to do than cause you grief .  Shemekia is the proof and were the thankful owners . We got exactly what we paid for , worth every ❤️❤️❤️❤️

From: JD Deutschmann <jjd72003@yahoo.com>
Subject: Puppies
My name is JD Deutschmann. I'm contacting you because if you are considering a pup from Debbie, you need to buy it.My wife and I Cathy have no children and decided to buy a chihuahua about 3 years ago. I searched locally first, then reached out around the country cause this was going to be our child.Well we now have 3 Shooter, Rex, and Girly and can't tell you which is more perfect. Our vet, Dr. Firmin(Slidell,la) describes them as "Perfect specimen of the Chihuahua breed."We were a bit apprehensive buying and flying a puppy we had never seen from California, but we rolled the dice. All three were more than what she represented online and verbally and we couldn't be happier with all three of them. If you wish to discuss further , feel free to call me 504-450-6330
Call/Text 209-328-0953
Were you aware that Veterinarians must spend over $150,000 and study for 8 years in an accredited school before they can give a puppy a simple vaccine shot? Yet, dog breeders produce the very LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. The medical treatment of a young dog with early degenerative disease is often due to unethical dog brokers and careless breeders without knowledge of canine genetics,microbiology, parasitology and pathology. Healthy Chihuahua puppies should come from knowledgeable dog breeder who specializes in one breed of dog.

speciality Chihuahuas
I have been in Feline Rescue for almost two decades and monitor colonies near the river and in orchards in my locality. I have used  thousands of dollars each and every year  from my Chihuahua puppy sales to support this rescue effort. A few examples of my passion are  #1 A kitten with obvious defect I took from children standing  in front of Wallmart, giving kittens away.I arranged for a team of surgeons at Davis Vet University Medical center to try to correct a congenital defect of the liver being located in the chest. then there is the $3000 paid on surgery, and transfusions to save a rescue that had been shot three times. He survived. My husband passed away when our children were young, and purchasing  Champion Chihuahuas to produce quality Chihuahua puppies for sale  allowed me to work at home   support my family.  I looked for a way to give back to animals as well, and chose to finance my own feline rescue.
                                       SLANDER BY COMPETITORS MASQUARDING AS BUYERS
Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced at the hands of competitors when I came online to build a website in 2003. Customers liked me, but a few competitors did not welcome me, and so began years of harassment. They first posed as upset buyers of mine on a complaint forum posting fake defamatory reports. The extortion forum is run by an ex felon who ALSO owns a complaint removal website! He charges  thousands to unsuspecting victims to  remove bogus reports from  his complaint website. Research articles say  he started his business by writing fake reports on large million dollar businesses and then he would approach  his victims  and offer his services  to remove the articles  for $3000 to $10,000.  Anyway, I did not know the identities of the  breeders posting fake' upset buyer' reviews. Being hidden they felt safe to say anything they wished.  They went so far to  build imposter websites, posing as me.  They bought similar domains as mine, and stole my website title. To read more please click   the Chihuahua breeder had multiple felony records.

Applehead Chihuahuas – Specializing in Teacup Chihuahuas For Sale Since 1998. If you are Looking for a teacup and tiny toy Chihuahua, feel free to browse through our Chihuahua puppies for sale links above. We specialize in Teacup Chihuahuas for sale for over 21 years. Our customers report that puppies are potty trained. We keep puppies until at least three months or longer to provide puppyshots and potty training . Check out our Puppy Links above to view our present applehead  Teacup Chihuahua puppies! Some customers have left their contact info below for you.

Click her to read about Safe Shipping of puppies but You are welcome to fly in and pick up your puppy. I started breeding Cihuahuas 21 years ago with the purchase of several Champion adults. 
Visit a page I made where I measure our Chihuahua adults . Adult Chihuahua Size Page.
Over the years I have received many references and now have over 210 references right here on my website. I have a 15 year online history. I use my site not only to sell Chihuahuas puppies but as a platform to provide information to consumers on important subjects Top Chihuahua Topics. Over the decades of selective breeding  I  developed the physical traits we adore, as well as maintain the health & temperament. Our Chihuahua puppies keep the dollface Puppy -Adult Transition Photos .

The Chihuahua is the oldest breed in North America with a history that’s been quite difficult to trace. The earliest records of the breed were discovered in the Pyramids of Cholula and date back as far as the 1500’s! This ancient breed originates from Chihuahua, Mexico and is believed to be a descendant of the Techichi, a small companion dog domesticated by several ancient civilizations and Native American tribes. The Mayans believed these dogs were “guardians of the afterlife” and often buried them alongside their respective owners in hopes that their canine companions would join them in the afterlife. The Chihuahua finally made its way to Europe towards the end of the 19th century.
The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, and by AKC’s standards should not exceed 6 lbs. Chihuahuas known as “teacups” or simply, “Teacup Chihuahuas,” are purebred Chihuahuas that fall into a smaller size category of 4 lbs. or less at adult weight. The Chihuahua is available in 2 varieties: smooth coat (short haired) and long coat (long haired, also known as a Long Haired Chihuahua). Chihuahuas are courageous, extremely lively, alert, and proud. They give and demand affection. Chihuahuas are strong-willed, intensely loyal, and very attached to their owners. Especially protective, the Chihuahua will follow its owner’s every move when strangers are present, keeping as close as possible.
They are very intelligent and learn quickly, but are most receptive to gentle training and positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas love to exercise and although their tiny teacup size makes them great for apartment living;Teacup Chihuahuas are especially sensitive to the cold and may require a tiny dog sweater outside of warmer climates.
Not only are Teacup Chihuahuas the tiniest, most adorable little dogs, but they also make the best companions!


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