Teacup Chihuahua puppy
Teacup Chihuahua
Shipping We can ship your teacup chihuahuas to you via American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines or United Airlines to the listed states-Alabama, Mobile  AL, Alaska AK, Arizona AZ, Arkansas AR, San Francisco, Silicone Valley, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Diego, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles California CA, Colorado CO, Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Tampa, Miami, Orlando Florida FL, Georgia GA, Idaho ID, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Maine ME, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, Michigan MI, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, Montana MT, Nebraska NE, Nevada NV, New Hampshire NH, Newark New Jersey NJ, New Mexico NM, New York, Staten Island NY, North Carolina NC, North Dakota ND, Ohio OH, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC, South Dakota SD, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Utah UT, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, Washington WA, West Virginia WV, Wisconsin WI, Wyoming WY

Applehead Chihuahua
Christina has two of our Chihuahuas and wrote a large reference posted here below
• Dams & Pups Goatsmilk
• Organic cotton soft toys
• Probiotics Dr. Mercola
• Parvo Warranty
• Non Toxic  Cleaners
• Lovies of Rabbit pelts/wool
• Registration
• Health Warranty
• Neotech Vaccines
• Neopar Parvo vaccine
• Neotech Da2 vaccine
• Release 11 to 15 weeks
• Dewclaws Removed
• In Home Raised
• Familiar With Cats
• Playpens,Visual Crib Toys
I have  over 100 References on my website and I appreciate all of them. Christina wrote a "book", haha, so I decided to post hers front page.  I reduced it by a third, believe it or not lol. It was so so long :)
Chihuahua puppy supplements
Chihuahua puppy feeding supplies
Chihuahua puppy
I have worked with feline and small dog rescue for over 15 years. I participate with TNR in my local area. The kitten above was brought to me too late. His eyes were already destroyed and he is blind. If you find kittens with infected eyes PLEASE take action to help them BEFORE they end up going blind
chihuahua puppies
Since 2016 there has been a significant rise of puppy sale Scammers who now build  websites rather then use small ads as before.  These persons present themselves as dog breeders when actually they have no puppies at all.  They steal photos from legitimate breeders , they bait with lower prices than the going rate for specific breeds, and they want payment  by untraceable methods such as Western Union.   Not only do customers have to deal with true scammers using stolen photos on fake websites, but consumers are confronted with  scary reports posted on forums meant to deceive and frighten them away from purchasing from safe breeders. Many breeders are unaware a derogatory report has been made against them until someone else tells them about it!  The internet not only makes it possible for Scammers to ruin finding the right puppy, but there are forums that proclaim to help consumers beware who they are buying from when in actuality these forums are used by competitors, activists and anyone having a bad dayto post derogatory reviews ,not validated, with intent to ruin character of  real Breeders who may be safe to buy from. The sites don't check if it's a legitimate customer (which happened to me where people posted and I never sold them a puppy! )These sites allow posts without having all the information to see if the complaint is factual or just someone out to maliciously ruin another's character (i.e. breeders making ludicrous reports) The forums do not give the breeder a chance to present their side before posting, and once the reports are posted, they cannot be taken off unless one pays an average of $5000 PER post o the forum ownwe.  The forum owner does not care if the information posted is true because he also own a complaint removal site, charging an average of $5000 to remove reviews from his bogus complaint forum. Most breeders are not wealthy if they breed dogs correctly. Huge online  Brokers  pay wholesale prices to multiple  puppy mills and sell thousands of puppies of many different  breeds ( multiple puppymills supply these online brokers) and they can afford to have the derogatory posts removed. New Breeders online for a year or two may have no reports, but breeders have been online for decades you would assume would have both fraudlent reports and some real customers posting.ALL folks  deal with people daily and as you know,some folks just can't be pleased no matter how hard you try. How many large online Brokers have paid to have possible true reports removed? What it comes down to is consumers are faced with challenges of trying to decipher through fake reports versus true reports. Consumers must wonder if breeders with no reports is because they could afford to have paid to have their reports removed. I really want you to be happy with your puppy which is why I have such a detailed contract , specific payment schedule and provide a comprehensive plan on how to care for your puppy once you bring it home. To help alleviate any question that I am a real and reputable breeder I offer to text you a picture of my ID. I also have posted over a hundred references spanning 14 years I've been online.  I have been listed for 14 years with online companies that have checked out reputable breeders like Mary's Puppy Sites. I have been with the website company "Homestead" for 14 years. I welcome you to view my movies on my YouTube Channel and visit my Facebook. I also ask if you have come across a derogatory review please do not judge it to be accurate, please ask me for my side of story, then decide. I have been in business breeding for over 20 years and its the sole means of my livelihood  as I am a widow of 20 years, i have  lupus and my breeding of  my Chihuahuas has allowed me to be in the comfort of my home. I must be doing a good job breeding Chihuahuas or I would not have been around this long!  If you would like more information please ask me and I can direct you to  pages I created in 2012 (on advice of a customer ) which will provide in depth information. Thank- you to  2 current  2017 customers who helped me to create this article
We started on a firm foundation with Champion Chihuahuas and over the years have created a look that is unique to us. Our Chihuahuas dollfaces stay as the puppy matures! If you find a lower price on a puppy on our site do not automatically assume larger size as the price may simply be due to the puppy being pet quality. Click here to see examples of show looks versus pet quality. We can't release puppies at 8 weeks like some breeders do because our puppies are smaller , ours as our puppies at 9 weeks average 10 ounces. Our average time of release is 12 weeks. This extra time we keep puppies accounts we work on potty training, as well as provide two  to three sets of neopar vaccines and one four way vaccines. It takes time to give vaccines. Be aware of  many breeders no longer providing any Parvo warranty! Parvo is fatal most times and has a long incubation period before pup shows signs of illness. Read contracts and INSIST a Chihuahua breeder give a 2 week warranty, or do not buy from them. Parvo
Having never purchased a single item online in my thirty years of life, deciding to order a Chihuahua puppy from another country was one of the most nerve wracking decisions that I’ve ever had to make!  After months of researching breeders in Canada and not finding what I wanted, I quickly realized that I would have to consider purchasing a puppy from the U.S. in order to make my childhood dream of getting a Chihuahua become a reality. I finally fell in love with a photo that was posted on Debra’s website of a tiny, fawn male named Twinkie.  He was exactly what I had been searching for.  I immediately contacted Debra and was impressed by her confidence and expertise.  Her professionalism was transparent from the moment we spoke on the phone when she openly informed me that I should be aware of the negative backlash that she had received.  I was immediately taken aback by her honesty, as she was clearly not trying to coerce me into buying a puppy from her unless I had done my research on her as a breeder.  I have to admit that it was so refreshing to have someone present themselves so openly, without reservation.  Her approach towards me proved that she had nothing to hide and that she was confident in her skill as a breeder.  I decided to take her advice and read Debra’s website thoroughly, as well as all of the testimonials that have supported her work throughout the years.  While there were undoubtedly negative comments posted online, I was quickly able to see through the untrue remarks and felt at ease given the number of positive experiences provided to support Debra’s reputation as an exceptional breeder. As the days went on, Debra and I communicated regularly.  Her prompt replies to emails and detailed instructions not only proved just how knowledgeable she is, but also allowed me to realize just how genuinely concerned she is to ensure that her pups will be well taken care of once they leave her home.  Despite the ample warnings that I had from friends who were skeptical about buying a puppy on-line, my on-going communication with Debra and the professional relationship that we established enabled me to feel 100% certain that I was making an informed decision. I travelled across the border to Buffalo, New York to meet the little guy that had captivated my heart only a few short weeks ago.  Wearing a tiny sweater and surrounded by several baby blankets, Winston looked very comfortable and was very receptive to being held for the first time after his flight.  My cousin and I could not believe how social he was and how quickly he covered our faces with kisses.  Upon his arrival into my home, Winston proved just how well he had been trained as he immediately used his pee pad and continues to respond well to clicker training. I cannot thank Debra enough for all of the hard work that she has done to raise such happy, healthy, social puppies and I feel very blessed that I was able to find one that is perfect for me!  Debra is truly a remarkable person whose love for all animals is evident in her devotion to each of her puppies, as well as her commitment to her providing her customers with top quality dogs.  I will continue to recommend her as a breeder to anyone who is interested in welcoming a new addition to their family, particularly those who are Canadian like myself, and may have questions or concerns regarding the process.  Please feel free to ask Debra for my email address and I will be more than willing to share this experience, which has brought so much happiness into my life! Christina
We have many informative articles on this website. Check out our article on how to keep your Chihuahua puppy safe at the Veterinarian from micro poop particles, viruses and bacteria.  Check our puppy to adult transformation page with many before/ after photos. Learn to  properly measure size of a Chihuahua. Read on our information page a variety of subjects such as Health, vaccination, vaccinosis, Parvo prevention, Chihuahua Ears, potty training, as well learn how to reduce environmental toxins, thus helping to prevent premature degenerative illnesses in your dog. We started on a firm foundation with  champions but spent years breeding down size, as Champions are fuller sized. Mother dogs fed a nutritious diet  and provided a happy environment have normal levels of the stress  hormone "cortisone".  Kennels who hide from the public and sell puppies at wholesale prices to online Brokers have dogs  surviving under  poor conditions , inadequate nutrition and constant stress which leads to  dangerous  adrenal exhaustion. In turn this lowers overall health and leads to to organ weakness in developing embryos. Chihuahua Puppies that survive to adulthood suffer from allergies, temperament flaws & early adult degenerative disease.
Veterinarians must spend over 100,000 and study for 8 years in an accredited school before they can give a puppy a simple vaccine shot. Yet, dog breeders produce LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. The medical treatment of a young adult dog with early degenerative disease may be due to unethical dog brokering and careless dog breeders who have no knowledge of canine genetics, microbiology, parasitology and pathology.
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